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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Click a question to reveal our answer.

1. Who is responsible and/or liable for the content of my website?

You are. That is why we provide you with the opportunity to see the site before it is made "live" and found by search engines.

2. You sent me an email saying my website changes are done. Why don't they show up on my computer?

If you click refresh a couple of times, and the changes will probably appear. Doing this usually clears the computers cache (memory) for that page.

Alternatively, you may need to change a setting on your computer. If you use Internet Explorer to browse the Internet, then this is what you do:

Click "TOOLS" > "Internet Options" > from the general tab, look for Browsing History, then click "SETTINGS".

You will see four little radio buttons. Your computer is probably set to "automatically". Change that to "Every time I visit a web page". Click "OK".

If you're not using Internet Explorer, then you will need to follow a similar trail for the browser you are using.

If we send you an email telling you your changes are done - they really will be done.

3. Will I receive an invoice?

Yes. Our accounts are run on KashFlow. Each month, KashFlow automatically generates an invoice, which is sent to you via email as a PDF attachment.

4. Can I pay for a year in advance?

Yes, but there is no discount available, sorry.

5. Can I pay for the maintenance plan by cheque?

Yes, but only if you are paying annually. If you are paying monthly, it must be by standing order or direct debit.

6. Can I pay for the design only without taking a Maintenance Plan?

Sorry, no. You will almost certainly want to make changes to your site from time-to-time. Taking a Maintenance Plan allows you to do this without additional charge.

7. What do I do if I already have a domain name?

No problem, we would simply need access to your domain account so that we can make the necessary changes. Don't worry, it won't be a problem.

8. How do I request a change or report a fault?

Please contact us via email or the contact form.

Note: We will acknowledge your email within 48 hours. If you don't get a reply within that time, please assume that your email has not reached us and try again.

We ALWAYS respond to our emails. And usually very quickly.

9. Some of my Contact Form emails are going into my Spam/Junk box.

That is due to the spam filter provided by your Internet Service Provider. From time to time I suspect they change the sensitivity of what is to be considered "junk". If they go in there, there should be a facility for you to mark them "not spam or junk", which will teach the filter that you want them, and stop future emails being sent there.

10. Can you help me with Search Engine Optimisation?

Yes, but we only do this for our website clients. We don't do "SEO only".

On-site optimisation: As your website is constructed, keywords are placed in the correct places, (title, meta-keywords, meta-description), Alt text added to images, H-tags applied, etc.

Off-site optimisation: If page 1 of Google is essential to your business, we would suggest you contact a specialist SEO firm. We work with a number of such companies that provide this service to several of our website clients. They will send us reports of things to do to help improve your ranking, but most importantly, they will perform the off-site SEO that we are unable to do.

11. On the maintenance plan, what does reasonable use mean?

Reasonable use equates to 30 minutes of programming time per £20 spent per month. If your needs are greater than the pricing options allow, then we will offer you a bespoke plan.

12. If I have to stop using your services, do I need to give you notice?

Yes, 30 days notice please.

13. Is a fee paid for the images you use on the websites?

If we obtain the image, yes, we pay that so you don't have to worry.

If you send us an image to use, we assume it is your own image, or that you have obtained the license or paid the royalty. Do not just copy an image from the Internet!

Stock photos are easy to spot. Therefore, it is usually best if you are able to send us your own photographs as they will be natural and authentic.

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