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Brand Protection: .uk domains

Nominet, the guardians of the UK domain name registry, announced the availability of .uk domains back in 2014.

Initially, .uk domains were protected so that they could only be registered by the owners of the equivilent domain name (or in some instances, the

From June 2019, .uk domains have been released from that protection and are now available to obtain just like other domain name types.

Swift Image clients have been fortunate. Our registrar, LCN, decided to register most* of our clients’ domains in December 2018 on our behalf and at no cost, so we have had a few months extra breathing space.

That extra time has now come to an end.

If you would like to protect your brand and renew your .uk domain, (or obtain one), please contact me to let me know.

* It is my understanding that all of our clients’ brand name domains (for example:, were registered by LCN. To be sure, if you intend to renew your .uk domain, please get in touch with me to check that yours was included. However, .uk domains that mirrored ones used for SEO purposes only, (for example:, were not (for the most part) obtained.

Article by Chris Addams of Swift Image Web Design, written 28 October 2019.

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